Friday, July 16, 2010

Japan Day 9

Japan Day 9

Today we went to Kamakura, a good hour and a half away but because of that it really is outside of the city and has a different feel than all the places we have been to thus far. We ventured through tight rural areas which were incredibly quiet and empty with vegetation growing out every where and moss climbing up the walls of nearby houses and trees. We walked SO MUCH today, we were passing out on the train ride back.

Our first stop was the Giant Buddha! Which is pretty self-explanatory but up close it is a truly epic site. You also can go inside of the buddha which is kinda cool i guess.

Afterwards we were heading towards the station when we came upon a random giant staircase, Tom insisted on going up them to see where they went. We ended up on a 1.6 kilometer adventure through what felt like the middle of forest in Japan which I guess is exactly what it was. The trail was really unique in that it used lots of natural elements to create stairs, you'd be walking up steps made of wood and mud with roots weaving all around the steps. Many times it felt like you were walking up a tree. We eventually found our way out into a really nice area which overlooked much of kamakura it seemed.

We stumbled upon another Temple which you had to travel through a tunnel in a rock wall covered in moss to get to. And also a massive temple atop a giant staircase with people walking around in kimonos and other traditional japanese clothing.

Tomorrow Tokyo International Toy Show & Open Air Museum


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