Thursday, July 15, 2010

Japan Day 8

Japan Day 8

This will be a short post since we gotta head out to Kamakura real soon. But yesterday we went to Odaiba, a man made island in Tokyo. Quite a site to see! You have to take a special train to it and cross over the "Rainbow Bridge" It's a very nice ride.

The whole area of Odaiba is really cool, your at the Tokyo waterfront and there is a nice big upper board walk with tons of shops and restaraunts. Also everything is connected by skywalks, some having nice very nice gardens. All in all it is just a very nice area.

We checked out a lot of sweet stores and then the Toyota Showrooms where they showed some sweet new cars they were making, along with some new ROBOTS! We even got to see a special presentation of a Robot playing a trumpet! It kinda hurt my ears honestly, the robot could use some more practice. But i'm guessing the trumpet playing is just a front for the Robots true objective, to kill us all and John Conner.

We got to do a mini "Ninja Warrior" at "Muscle Park". It was so much harder than I thought and so much harder than it looks. I failed miserably cause I am totally out of shape, I felt the BURN afterwards. You can see me failing the last challenge of the course in the video below, i'll put up the rest of the video so you can see all of my failures when I get back home.

Kamakura today


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  1. so unfair i wish i could of tried the ninja warrior one XDD u think i would of made it?