Sunday, August 29, 2010

Otakon 2010 Workshop Video

This is pretty boring honestly but here's a glimpse into the workshop Myself, Mallory Coronado, Emmanuel Espinal, Ivey Ao, and Jon Setter put together at Otakon 2010.

Also here's the two drawings I did of the Laputa statue atop the Ghbli Museum

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Back from Tennessee

Tokyo, Japan Day 1 video is now up -->

So, I just got back to New Jersey this past Monday from Tennessee. I was visiting Amanda
there for 3 weeks, she is going for her master's in Paleontology at the East Tennessee State
University. I hung out with her and her new dog Roo Roo. Saw some of the sights, ate tons of "Cici's Pizza" which I will dearly miss. Saw "Scott Pilgrim vs The World" which was amazing and a truly unique film. Also saw Piranha 3D which was pretty much the opposite of "unique" but it was a great shitty film and fun to watch. Got lost on the Appalachian trail accidentally for 2 hours, good thing we had Amanda's new Droid to guide us back to civilization. I gave her swimming lessons at a nearby pool and then we headed off to Ashville. We saw an amazing botanical garden at one of the colleges there and some really nice shops showcasing many independent artists of the area. Also drank iced coffee on an old fashioned double decker bus! Really was a nice area. Then I hopped on a plane, the tiniest plane I have ever seen.
Transferred in Atlanta and arrived safely in Allentown, PA where my dad picked me up and took me back to Newton, NJ. It was a good time and i'm already missing Amanda, hopefully I will see her again soon.

Also went to Otakon! Myself, Manny, Ivey, Jon, & Malory held a workshop there called

"How To Make Your Own Anime From Home". Unfortunately we were kinda tired and unorganized but despite this I think we put on a good workshop and the audience seemed to really enjoy it and get something out of it. We even had a little animation that the audience participated in! I'll post the video up on youtube soon.

Lastly the New Jersey Film Festival is around the corner and "Memories" will be shown there so if you can make it please come! The details are here:

My film will be shown on September 5th at 7pm

Hope to see you there!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Tokyo, Japan Opening Video

Tokyo, Japan Opening Video!

The first video of fourteen, this will take some time to get them all up but enjoy the opening video. Please watch at 720p!