Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Japan Day 7

Japan Day 7

First stop today was Ueno Park, a huge park housing giant lotus ponds along with various old japanese shrines/buildings. It really was quite incredible to see, the ponds were so littered with lotus plants that you could barely see any of the water underneath and blooming lotuses could be seen sparatically across the ponds. There also were a shitload of turtles.

Then we checked out the Sony Building in Ginza, here they showcase new Sony products that you can test and see for free. Probably the coolest part would be when you first go up the stairs to the showroom floor, these stairs play a musical note with each step you take up them. The faster you go up the stairs the faster the tune is, its pretty sweet. I'll save the video of that for another time. At Sony we got to check out some kickass cameras, computers, and 3D Tvs. The 3D was a bit of a letdown though, we thought it was going to be a lot more impressive.

Probably the coolest part of the day (Literally, lolz) would be going to the Ice Bar. A bar made entirely of ICE. Yes, the whole bar is made of ice, even our glasses were made of Ice. We were given heavy big fur coats when we entered so we wouldn't freeze to death. The bar is kept at a steady -5 degrees so that the Ice remains frozen. The drinks we got were also really really good and it was a nice break from the scorching hot weather. Honestly, the whole time I felt like I was in The Penguins lair, it was another realm. I'm sure Arnold would have a field day using Ice puns all day at that bar, probably pick up all the chicks with Ice lines like "Ice to meet you".

Tomorrow we visit Odaiba.

By the way, the crows in Japan are HUGE!


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