Monday, January 10, 2011

A New Year

A new year and a new New Years Resolution, well two actually.

1. Make a new animated short film (not for a client)

2. Move out of my parent's house

The latter may prove to be more difficult until I get the proper funds, but i'm doing what I can.

So Amanda is currently on route back to Tennessee, hopefully I can see her soon but the work that being near NYC brings in cannot be denied right now.

In any case I have some stuff for you to check out!

Deviant Art had a contest for the cover to a comic book which preludes the movie "Inception", here was my submission:

The animated segments i've been doing for the live action short film "Wolf Girl" (title in progress) has been coming along. It went from being 2 minutes of animation to 2 min and 20 sec. I've just hit the 1 minute mark and i've got a little over a month left to finish this thing. I will surely be working my ass off until then. I can't be showing any animation but here's a screenshot for now.

And lastly I give you the masterpiece I created with the help of Amanda and her disgusting dog Roo Roo as well as my brother and sister in law's dog Brundle

I give you