Thursday, July 8, 2010

Japan Day 1

Japan Day 1

Ok so this will probably be a pretty sloppy post cause I've been up for 48 hours and am incredibly tired and worn out.

We had no issues with the plane ride, subway, and hotel.

Everything has honestly been perfect.

After half a day here I would describe Tokyo as a cleaner, nerdier, and more technologically advanced NYC.

We went around the area our hotel is in at Ikebukaro and found a MASSIVE SEGA arcade beyond any arcade I have EVER seen. It was incredible and I cannot wait to go back!

We also found Sunshine City which is a MASSIVE mall. There were many other adventures, the train ride from the airport was beautiful and the city is unique and exciting.

The only issue i'm having right now is we are all so uneducated in the different phrases and mannerisms that I feel we come off as rude and stereotypical foreigners.

Anyway here's a little piece of the uncut footage, i dont have time to edit them. Probably wont do that til I get back home.


Some of it will have to wait for editing as there is too much dead time in them and it would take too long to upload.

Will update again tomorrow!


  1. Brian,Alex,and Tom wow ! the scenery,houses,and sega. Looking forward to hearing more from you and seeing more footage. So very glad all was without any issue in the way of travel. Perhaps you do not come off as rude- mayby you will learn to be gracious verbally before you say goodbye to Japan. Love you mom dad says glad you are having a good time and he will try to follow your blog each day and he will check Alexs next and he will communicate through brians blog. love dad.

  2. Looks amazing! So jealous!!! Have a great time.

  3. ahh, the japanese suburbia looks so nice.
    that guy looked like he was playing a giant nintendo ds 0_0

    can't wait to see more. glad your having a great time.

    please bring back some taiyaki!!!!! XD