Monday, July 12, 2010

Japan Day 5

Japan Day 5

We went to the Imperial Palace today with Yuki and Joey. From outside the palace was amazing! You could see an old japanese house resting on the corner of the emperor's own personal island complete with a moat surrounding the entire area. We crossed a bridge to get within the palace walls and from here the tour was not quite as exciting. Honestly the palace was a bit more stunning from the outside, it was still interesting to walk around within it but it was a rather short tour and it seemed there were many more modern buildings within its walls.

We then went to a really neat sushi conveyor belt restaurant. It had a touch screen menu at every seat where you could order specific sushi plates, once you ordered a little Train raced through the middle of the restaurant with your sushi plates on top of it and came to a stop in front of your seat. You pressed a blinking red button after you had taken your sushi and the train returned to where it came from. Necessary? Maybe not. Really awesome and unique? Yes.

Next we went to a massive anime/manga thrift store-ish complex. 3 Floors of endless manga and anime merchandise. Much of it marked down from being opened and repackaged. We were overwhelmed once again and spent about 2 hours roaming the stores. There also was a giant Warhammer store. Here the clerk there showed me and Joey how to play the game. He walked us through an intense battle. Joey used orcs and I used space marines, of course I kicked the orcs asses but it was an epic battle and I can now say I learned to play Warhammer in Japan!

Tommorrow is Akihabara!


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