Saturday, December 24, 2011

Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays!

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Thursday, December 15, 2011

I Blame Skyrim

I can't believe my last post was when I had LEFT for China

What's happened since then? Oh nothing just traveled allover China, spent a week in Tokyo, worked on more MAD, some small gigs here and there, went to visit Amanda in Tennessee, and oh yeah I got Engaged!

I can't say I ever saw it going down atop a massive epic mountain in the middle of China in front of a bunch of people who don't understand a word i'm saying,
but it did.

As far as that epic journey there are loads of videos and pictures on facebook or you can just watch the 2 short videos that sum up our adventures below

After that I returned to Bunko to work on a few more episodes of MAD and got a gig through FLY working on Flash Banners once again.

Then I traveled to Tennessee to visit Amanda and Roo Roo the lazy Dachshund in her new apartment.

And here I am. I actually leave for Jersey tomorrow.

But While here I was able to get an awesome job rigging the Jack character for the amazing "Zombie Murder Explosion Die" Pilot episode which is currently in production.
Check it out here!
I also animated two logos for Flex-O-Lite which is about to debut their first feature film. Hopefully you'll get to see those logo animations popping up on the big screen at festivals very soon. If you're interested in the company check 'em out

There is another project that is still being put into its final stages, but it's looking very good!
I'll say more as it all comes together.

As far as personal work. I have tried to get myself inspired for a new short film, but I am having a hard time. I've boiled up several ideas over the last few months but nothing has stuck. I'm torn on where I want to go with my next film and I'm also stuck in that place where I want it to be short and sweet but my concepts always get overly complex and seem to go over the 5 minute mark.

But here's to hoping I will just start something and go with it before the year is over. Here is some concept drawings I was messing with but looks like they will be scrapped.

But on the productive side, I updated my website!

And I also put together an actual pitchbook for a webseries concept I have,
"Zombie Dad"
Here is the cover for the pitchbook!

And I just finished designing me and Amanda's Wedding Invitation, but I'd like to keep it a surprise so no images until after invites are sent out

So why did it take me this long to post on my blog again?... I blame Skyrim, if your unfamiliar it is a massive role-playing game with a free roaming world.
In other words The Ultimate Time Waster.
It has sucked me away from any life I had prior. I even began hoarding cheese in the game, here is my collection taken a few weeks back.

I think I have a problem...

Monday, August 1, 2011


Tommorrow I leave on a 14 hour non-stop flight to Beijing, China

But Otakon, real quick

Was tons of fun, although running the artist table was very time
consuming and a bit stressful. I did not break even, I got about half of what I spent to run the table and print everything. However I learned a lot from the experience and know exactly what to do for the next con I sell at!

The workshop was unorganized and we started late plus ended before covering half of the material unfortunately

In the end though I had an amazing time, I saw the new Trigun movie which rocked, danced my ass off at the rave, got my ass kicked at the Smash Bros tourney, and loved being surrounded by nerds and my great friends!

Now back to China and Japan

Here is the rough plan

Arrive in Beijing, Find Amanda, get to Hotel

Great Wall

I venture around Beijing on my own

Summer Palac

Temple of Heaven

Fly to Huangshan, Yellow Mountain

Go up Mountain, check in to Hotel atop the mountain

Watch sunrise, go down the mountain, fly to Shanghai

Jade Buddha Temple, venture around Shanghai

DAY 10
venture around the Bund, check in to super nice hotel!

DAY 11
Fly to Tokyo!

DAY 12
Odaiba, meet up with Yuki and Henry

DAY 13

DAY 14
Hakone, near Mt.Fuji

DAY 15
Tokyo Disney Sea

DAY 16


DAY 18

DAY 19
Extra Day, All-You-Can-Drink cruise around Odaiba

DAY 20
EXTRA DAY, do whatever we missed, Namja Town? Sunshine City?

DAY 21
Fly back to NJ!

I'll be filming everything I can!

And if you need to contact me, email me.

My facebook may not work in China.

See you in 3 weeks!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Otakon 2011! then China

Its off to Otakon tomorrow (technically today)

This year I was able to secure a table at the artist alley
if your at Otakon please stop by, it's table P07
Here's a map

We are also running a Workshop on Saturday at 8pm,
Its called "How To Make Your Own Anime From Home Part2"

Between my last post and now there was a screening held at Warner Quad Cinemas Ridgewood NJ where four independent films and a Klondike commercial were shown of which I had a hand in all of them. From doing the ending credits, to full animation, to special effects, to editing, sound, and I even did the movie posters. It was a sold out screening and I was truly honored to be a part of it! You can see some coverage of the event here!

I also worked on more Flash Banners for Wild Turkey Bourbon and the NY Jets

And I returned to Bunko, working on Season 2 of MAD! I don't think I can say anything about the episodes I worked on but my body will appear in one of the episodes, my headless body that is!

After my return from Otakon I have one full day and then I am on the plane to Beijing ...

Anyway I hope to post again before I leave for China with an outline of my trip

Talk to you then and hope to see you at Otakon! Here is one of the products I'll be selling at Otakon.

Portal 2 shirts and mugs!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

I'm very late I know, Sorry

Wow, I owe my millions of followers a big apology (Sarcasm). But not sarcasm in regard to owing an apology.

I said I'd post at least once a month and here I am 4 MONTHS LATER! I have no excuse except that i've been busy... and playing magic the gathering. But mostly busy, honestly.

Lots of little projects amounting to lots of work. I'll try to go through everything I can think of off the top of my head

DVD inserts and movie posters for
Crotchless, Cowboy Cafe, Tonic Clonic, & T.Harou
which are all Indie films by a company i've been working for known as "Flex O Lite". They will be holding an even next Thursday (Flex O Nite) and screening all of these films it is free and open to the public:

Check it out on facebook

For the same company I have done a lot of digital effects here
and there including trippy portals, animation, motion tracking, motion graphics, a little sound design, and even some editing.

I also animated the ending credits to Cowboy Cafe which I tried to go with a modern "Good Bad and Ugly" credits feel.

Wolf Girl is done and after seeing it I was very impressed and honored to be a part of it, look for it at festivals! I don't think it will have an issue getting accepted.

My work on Feed A is complete but it still has some post production to be done with sound design and color correction. But last I saw the film looked very promising and very freaky

I am also now a freelancer for FLY Communications,
an Ad Agency in NYC. I have really enjoyed working with them...
I won't say anything about a specific client we have been working for but let's just say there was some serious mis-communication and horrifcally tight deadlines.
But I have been animating and coding Flash Banners for Prudential Insurance through FLY, it's been a good experience to learn more about coding and working with a huge company like that. I am definitely enjoying working there.

Also myself, Emmanuel Espinal, Tris Waples, Shelley Low, and Giorgio Renna did some illustrations for a Music Video which aired on MTV! My brother also shot the entire music video. Check it out here:

I also animated the logo for Seltzer Licensing,
You can see the logo below.
If you can imagine this logo is actually the overhead view of two people shaking hands,
one blue one green.
So I animated them coming together and shaking hands in profile view and then had the camera go overhead to reveal the logo.
I also don't know if I'm allowed to show any of it so the logo will have to do for the moment.
The love of my life, Amanda, is now off in Beijing China as I speak. She is there
studying Small Mammal bones at the Beijing Museum for her master thesis in Paleontology. Pretty sweet!

I am planning a trip to meet her in Beijing, from there to Huangshan, then Shanghai, and end in Tokyo for a week. It's not definite yet but we are doing our best to make it happen. If everything goes accordingly I will be in Beijing early August.

I've begun creating fanart for Otakon which is in a little over a month. Here is my first completed piece (It currently is watermarked)

Robot Rainicorn

Friday, February 11, 2011

Where to start

So many developments! Where to begin?

Well Wolf Girl is basically done! I just completed the very last shot. Now all that is left is some touching up and the final sound mix. They are shooting the live action segments of the film in just a few days, I am so excited to see it all together! I'll make it known here as the film enters
the film festival circuit.

I will also be creating the artwork for a 22 page comic known as DJ Messiah which will be so much fun and such a great experience! The deadline is tight and I want to make it look crazy awesome so i'll have go a little insane but i'm excited regardless. I don't now how much I can truly say about it but it involves, obviously, DJ Messiahs as well as Heavy Metal Demons and music battles of epic proportions all wrapped into a post apocalyptic story. I am in the process of creating all of the character designs. More on that as it develops!

Another project that I am doing with a collection of friends and colleagues is Jasper & Smiley, an animated short based on a children's book for the iphone. It is coming along and I am loving working alongside friends.

Then there is the 35 seconds of animation I will be doing for another live-action short, this one being a comedy in the spirit of Kevin Smith films. It's called Crotchless and is about to start as my partner on the project completes the rough designs and backgrounds for me.

AND! There is more. I am also doing special effects for a 10 minute live action indie short which looks so awesome. It's called Feed A and is done in the same vein as Cloverfield, Paranormal Activity, & Quarantine. It has that shakey camera style and involves me doing some sweet gore & blood effects as well as muzzle flashes and bullet holes and crazy alien monster things!

So a storm of freelance is coming my way and i'm ready and willing to meet it. Excited for all these projects and plan to post updates along the way!

As for Memories, it has been accepted into the Garden State Film Festival!
The festival will run from March 31st to April 3rd at Asbury Park New Jersey
Memories will be shown on Saturday April 2nd at The Synaxis Restaraunt

Here are the details for my screening:

And for the festival in general:

I am not sure if I will be attending yet, but please let me know if you are going and I will make sure I make it! Hope to see you there.

Also recently put together my dad's website
Check it out here:

Annnd I am off early tomorrow morning to go to Ohio and from Ohio I will be going to Tennessee to stay with my girlfriend Amanda for an unspecified length of time. I may stay there till she finishes her semester in late April. I am bringing my cintiq and all my supplies so I can work my ass off while I am there wiith no distractions 'cept for herself and her stinky rat dog.

Here's the valentine's Day card I did for her:

Next update will be when I'm in Tennessee! :)

Monday, January 10, 2011

A New Year

A new year and a new New Years Resolution, well two actually.

1. Make a new animated short film (not for a client)

2. Move out of my parent's house

The latter may prove to be more difficult until I get the proper funds, but i'm doing what I can.

So Amanda is currently on route back to Tennessee, hopefully I can see her soon but the work that being near NYC brings in cannot be denied right now.

In any case I have some stuff for you to check out!

Deviant Art had a contest for the cover to a comic book which preludes the movie "Inception", here was my submission:

The animated segments i've been doing for the live action short film "Wolf Girl" (title in progress) has been coming along. It went from being 2 minutes of animation to 2 min and 20 sec. I've just hit the 1 minute mark and i've got a little over a month left to finish this thing. I will surely be working my ass off until then. I can't be showing any animation but here's a screenshot for now.

And lastly I give you the masterpiece I created with the help of Amanda and her disgusting dog Roo Roo as well as my brother and sister in law's dog Brundle

I give you