Saturday, December 24, 2011

Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays!

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Thursday, December 15, 2011

I Blame Skyrim

I can't believe my last post was when I had LEFT for China

What's happened since then? Oh nothing just traveled allover China, spent a week in Tokyo, worked on more MAD, some small gigs here and there, went to visit Amanda in Tennessee, and oh yeah I got Engaged!

I can't say I ever saw it going down atop a massive epic mountain in the middle of China in front of a bunch of people who don't understand a word i'm saying,
but it did.

As far as that epic journey there are loads of videos and pictures on facebook or you can just watch the 2 short videos that sum up our adventures below

After that I returned to Bunko to work on a few more episodes of MAD and got a gig through FLY working on Flash Banners once again.

Then I traveled to Tennessee to visit Amanda and Roo Roo the lazy Dachshund in her new apartment.

And here I am. I actually leave for Jersey tomorrow.

But While here I was able to get an awesome job rigging the Jack character for the amazing "Zombie Murder Explosion Die" Pilot episode which is currently in production.
Check it out here!
I also animated two logos for Flex-O-Lite which is about to debut their first feature film. Hopefully you'll get to see those logo animations popping up on the big screen at festivals very soon. If you're interested in the company check 'em out

There is another project that is still being put into its final stages, but it's looking very good!
I'll say more as it all comes together.

As far as personal work. I have tried to get myself inspired for a new short film, but I am having a hard time. I've boiled up several ideas over the last few months but nothing has stuck. I'm torn on where I want to go with my next film and I'm also stuck in that place where I want it to be short and sweet but my concepts always get overly complex and seem to go over the 5 minute mark.

But here's to hoping I will just start something and go with it before the year is over. Here is some concept drawings I was messing with but looks like they will be scrapped.

But on the productive side, I updated my website!

And I also put together an actual pitchbook for a webseries concept I have,
"Zombie Dad"
Here is the cover for the pitchbook!

And I just finished designing me and Amanda's Wedding Invitation, but I'd like to keep it a surprise so no images until after invites are sent out

So why did it take me this long to post on my blog again?... I blame Skyrim, if your unfamiliar it is a massive role-playing game with a free roaming world.
In other words The Ultimate Time Waster.
It has sucked me away from any life I had prior. I even began hoarding cheese in the game, here is my collection taken a few weeks back.

I think I have a problem...