Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Titmouse Party + Japan Day 8 + Other updates

Japan Day 8 <--- Click for video

Went to the opening party for Titmouse's new studio in New York City! Was a great time, got to speak and shake hands with the creator of Superjail and Venture Brothers! Even if for only a brief time. The studio itself looked like an amazing place to work, they even have a pool table. Also they had a webcam broadcast of the LA studio, we even got to wave hi to our friend Ben who works at the LA studio. At the end of the night I had the chance to meet with John Dilworth as I was leaving and am now in the process of beginning work once again on his short film!

I also was inspired by the reaction to Kyah and Koh Chapter 1 and will continue the comic. I was uncertain at first but the response made me excited to move on to chapter 2 which I am planning now.

Also working on a children's book, "Smoke Stack Boy". It's a bit dark but I hope it can merit as a children's book. You can see the original sketch for the cover below!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Comic is done!

It's done!

You can check it out at Drunk Duck here:

It's also on Smack Jeeves:

Please rate and give comments. I'm open to feedback and critique, i'm new to this so i'm looking for some insight.


Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Japan Day 7 Video + Wisdom Teeth

Japan Day 7 <-- click for video

The song I am creating for the trailer to the Haiti documentary is progressing. I am still trying to adjust it to what the filmmakers want. I would put up what I had here If I knew how to, but blogger doesnt seem to have a way to upload music to it.

My wisdom teeth come out tomorrow! Cant wait to be drugged up ^_^

Oh and I woke up to Halo Reach being at my doorstep :)

Goodbye all the projects I wanted to do, hello ultimate distraction from everything. (If I don't post on here again this week someone needs to come to my house and slap my face. You have permission as I will need to get out of my reach coma)

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Creepy Drawing, Progress, and My Insane Parents

First let's get the creepy out of the way...

I was suddenly inspired to draw this in the middle of the night... I can't explain why... it is myself (The Beard) and my girlfriend Amanda. I'll just try to let the image speak for itself.

My comic is coming along and I hope to have the first chapter ready to go and up for all to see by the end of this weekend if all goes well.

I have also begun to do some music for a documentary my brother filmed in Haiti, i'm trying to really push it and make it live up to the uplifting documentary. Hopefully i'll meet everyones expectations.

Halo Reach came out! And I stayed up all night with my good friend swampass to beat the campaign in one sitting on Heroic, which we did! I was a little dissapointed with the campaign's ending but overall was a great experience and am super psyched to waste loads of my life on multiplayer.

Anyway when I got back home I found this note on the front door of my house, more proof that my parents are quickly loosing their sanity:

For Full Size Image of the creepy drawing at the top go here -->

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Japan Day 6 Video & Some Fanartsy thing

Japan Day 6!

So, my brother went off to college this past week and asked me to make him artwork to put on his wall, this is what I came up with.

Larger Version Here

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Japan Day 5 Video & Other Progress

Japan Day 5

I completed the first draft for the screenplay to "Acirema" which is the 35 minute film which I hope to produce with the help of friends and anyone else interested in the project. If anyone would like to see the screenplay to consider being a part of the film's production please contact me. I can use all the help I could get and will also be open to any and all critique.

I'm finishing up Page 5 of my comic, I'm not sure at the moment whether I should wait till the first full chapter is done or if I should put it up here in pieces... hrmmm... Time will tell.


Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Tokyo Day 4 & NJ Film Fest & More

Tokyo, Japan Day 4! <-- click for video

So this past Sunday I went to the New Jersey Film Festival to see the screening of my film "Memories". The screening started good, for a sunday on a holiday weekend it was a decent turnout we had like 25 people there. The place was big, really nice theater type seating, a giant projector screen, and awesome audio. The good stuff ends there.My film comes on and it is WAY too bright, to the point that on certain shots you cannot even see Soul's face! Then Soul dives into his memory and the colors are all totally off, there is NO red and everything has this disgusting yellow tint to it. So the film finishes and everyone seems to have still enjoyed it, clapping, all that jazz.

Then the next film comes on... i'm sorry I have to be blunt about this. That film was terrible. And 99% of the audience will agree with me on this, we were cringing in our chairs. Waiting for this film to END. A hour and a half documentary from decades ago with no direction, no view, no insight, just nonsense that didn't bother to piece itself together. Half the film was spoken in
hebrew and there weren't subtitles! At the end during the credits you hear a soldier yelling and moaning in hebrew and an old woman in the crowd actually yelled out "SHUTUP!". There was no applause.

Although I had a lot of issues with it, I am grateful to have been chosen to be screened and was happy to be a part of the festival none the less.

In other news I am just about done with a screenplay for a half hour animated film I would like to create, yeah i'm crazy. This is what I want to do though, I will be happy to pitch the film to anyone who is interested. Obviously I will need a lot of help with creating a film this ambitious. I'll show more of the designs and artwork for that as it comes to fruition.

Also in talks with my brother on doing a short film which will incorporate both animation and live action footage! Hope to shoot that in October.

I'm also creating a comic book, I had an idea and wanted to give cartooning a try. I've inked and colored 2 pages, I seem to get a page done a day so if I keep that up I should be able to put the first chapter within a month or so.

Also really excited for HALO REACH! Only 2 weeks left! Here I drew a little fan art to show my enthusiasm for the game! It's kinda tiny here so go to my DA page to see it full size ->