Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Nature Walks + Drawing

So I've been going on Nature walks with my girlfriend Amanda and drawing the amazing scenery. I've been doing these with that same brush tip marker and colored them in with prisma colored pencils. These were anywhere from 3-10 minute sketches.

The above three were taken at this amazing trail in PA right outside of NJ, called "Child's Park" I believe. Really beautiful waterfalls!

This last one was taken on a trail right by my house which was littered with Turtles! I have a drawing of a turtle that I still need to color and will put up in the next post.

Actually reason why that comic strip i mentioned last post isn't in here is cause I lost my pen for my Bamboo Fun Tablet. I just ordered a new one and hope to have it within a week or so.

Alright i'm returning to NYC tomorrow to take an animation test! Wish me luck and Saturday there is a sweet Lightsaber Battle going down in the lower Manhattan area! May the force be with you all and me since i'll have to kick some Sith ass!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Saachi & Saachi

Hi all

I'm working on storyboards for my next film which will be a combination of Live-Action & Traditional Animation. I'll upload some concept art and the some of the boards in the next post.

Also Rusted Heart is currently Ranked 4 on the Saachi & Saachi contest on Aniboom! Please view it and rate it using the link below, thanks!

Also have some sketches I did at Madison Square Park and then at my Girlfriend Amanda's Graduation at Rutgers, I experimented with a Fiber Castell Black Artist Pen. You know its those thin markers with the brush-like tip. I'm liking what its doing for me so far and I think it may be helping me improve, anyway check it out:

Comic strip to be in the next post! Look for it!