Friday, June 4, 2010

I'm Employed!

I got the job! I'm now working at Bunko Studios in NYC as an After Effects Animator. I don't think I'm supposed to say specifically what I'm working on but all I can say is yesterday I worked on a shot with hundreds of puppies running off a cliff.

Oh and my first official task was to build my chair, literally I walked in and there was an
unopened box at my desk with the pieces of a computer chair in it.

Also got my Pen for my tablet and colored those two
life drawings I spoke of in the last post.

More Waterfalls!

There was a turtle just sitting there in the middle of the trail, he was shy but I managed to do a quick sketch of the guy

Both of these were colored in photoshoped and sketched with that same brush tip marker

Oh some pics from the massive Lightsaber Battle!

It's a Jedi Rave Party !

This battle was intimidating, no its not cause he's a black sith lord! It's cause he has a cape!

Oh and that comic strip I spoke of, here it is finally. I hope to put one of these in the blog every other post or so.

Uhhh.... it just uploads as super tiny on here so I'm linking everyone to the Deviant Art Page below

(click the image and check out it out full size or its unreadable)