Tuesday, June 14, 2011

I'm very late I know, Sorry

Wow, I owe my millions of followers a big apology (Sarcasm). But not sarcasm in regard to owing an apology.

I said I'd post at least once a month and here I am 4 MONTHS LATER! I have no excuse except that i've been busy... and playing magic the gathering. But mostly busy, honestly.

Lots of little projects amounting to lots of work. I'll try to go through everything I can think of off the top of my head

DVD inserts and movie posters for
Crotchless, Cowboy Cafe, Tonic Clonic, & T.Harou
which are all Indie films by a company i've been working for known as "Flex O Lite". They will be holding an even next Thursday (Flex O Nite) and screening all of these films it is free and open to the public:

Check it out on facebook

For the same company I have done a lot of digital effects here
and there including trippy portals, animation, motion tracking, motion graphics, a little sound design, and even some editing.

I also animated the ending credits to Cowboy Cafe which I tried to go with a modern "Good Bad and Ugly" credits feel.

Wolf Girl is done and after seeing it I was very impressed and honored to be a part of it, look for it at festivals! I don't think it will have an issue getting accepted.

My work on Feed A is complete but it still has some post production to be done with sound design and color correction. But last I saw the film looked very promising and very freaky

I am also now a freelancer for FLY Communications,
an Ad Agency in NYC. I have really enjoyed working with them...
I won't say anything about a specific client we have been working for but let's just say there was some serious mis-communication and horrifcally tight deadlines.
But I have been animating and coding Flash Banners for Prudential Insurance through FLY, it's been a good experience to learn more about coding and working with a huge company like that. I am definitely enjoying working there.

Also myself, Emmanuel Espinal, Tris Waples, Shelley Low, and Giorgio Renna did some illustrations for a Music Video which aired on MTV! My brother also shot the entire music video. Check it out here:

I also animated the logo for Seltzer Licensing,
You can see the logo below.
If you can imagine this logo is actually the overhead view of two people shaking hands,
one blue one green.
So I animated them coming together and shaking hands in profile view and then had the camera go overhead to reveal the logo.
I also don't know if I'm allowed to show any of it so the logo will have to do for the moment.
The love of my life, Amanda, is now off in Beijing China as I speak. She is there
studying Small Mammal bones at the Beijing Museum for her master thesis in Paleontology. Pretty sweet!

I am planning a trip to meet her in Beijing, from there to Huangshan, then Shanghai, and end in Tokyo for a week. It's not definite yet but we are doing our best to make it happen. If everything goes accordingly I will be in Beijing early August.

I've begun creating fanart for Otakon which is in a little over a month. Here is my first completed piece (It currently is watermarked)

Robot Rainicorn