Sunday, October 31, 2010

Kyah & Koh Ch.2 + Japan Video 10

First 5 pages for Kyah & Koh Chapter 2 are up!

Check them out here!

Also Japan Video 10 is up!

Also my first attempt at a Children's Book is going to finally be on Amazon soon! I finally got all the margins and blah blah blahs right. Now I'm just waiting for physical copy in the mail and make sure everything is right before it is available for purchase.

Still working on Dilworth's short and the clothing store website. Bunko finished up the episode we were working on and now I'm waiting for the next one to start up. ALSO, ramping up for a new short film which I plan to do by the end of next semester. I'm treating it as a second thesis. I'll put up some artwork from that in the next post.

Off to a little halloween partay, later!

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