Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Tokyo Day 4 & NJ Film Fest & More

Tokyo, Japan Day 4! <-- click for video

So this past Sunday I went to the New Jersey Film Festival to see the screening of my film "Memories". The screening started good, for a sunday on a holiday weekend it was a decent turnout we had like 25 people there. The place was big, really nice theater type seating, a giant projector screen, and awesome audio. The good stuff ends there.My film comes on and it is WAY too bright, to the point that on certain shots you cannot even see Soul's face! Then Soul dives into his memory and the colors are all totally off, there is NO red and everything has this disgusting yellow tint to it. So the film finishes and everyone seems to have still enjoyed it, clapping, all that jazz.

Then the next film comes on... i'm sorry I have to be blunt about this. That film was terrible. And 99% of the audience will agree with me on this, we were cringing in our chairs. Waiting for this film to END. A hour and a half documentary from decades ago with no direction, no view, no insight, just nonsense that didn't bother to piece itself together. Half the film was spoken in
hebrew and there weren't subtitles! At the end during the credits you hear a soldier yelling and moaning in hebrew and an old woman in the crowd actually yelled out "SHUTUP!". There was no applause.

Although I had a lot of issues with it, I am grateful to have been chosen to be screened and was happy to be a part of the festival none the less.

In other news I am just about done with a screenplay for a half hour animated film I would like to create, yeah i'm crazy. This is what I want to do though, I will be happy to pitch the film to anyone who is interested. Obviously I will need a lot of help with creating a film this ambitious. I'll show more of the designs and artwork for that as it comes to fruition.

Also in talks with my brother on doing a short film which will incorporate both animation and live action footage! Hope to shoot that in October.

I'm also creating a comic book, I had an idea and wanted to give cartooning a try. I've inked and colored 2 pages, I seem to get a page done a day so if I keep that up I should be able to put the first chapter within a month or so.

Also really excited for HALO REACH! Only 2 weeks left! Here I drew a little fan art to show my enthusiasm for the game! It's kinda tiny here so go to my DA page to see it full size ->

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