Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Titmouse Party + Japan Day 8 + Other updates

Japan Day 8 <--- Click for video

Went to the opening party for Titmouse's new studio in New York City! Was a great time, got to speak and shake hands with the creator of Superjail and Venture Brothers! Even if for only a brief time. The studio itself looked like an amazing place to work, they even have a pool table. Also they had a webcam broadcast of the LA studio, we even got to wave hi to our friend Ben who works at the LA studio. At the end of the night I had the chance to meet with John Dilworth as I was leaving and am now in the process of beginning work once again on his short film!

I also was inspired by the reaction to Kyah and Koh Chapter 1 and will continue the comic. I was uncertain at first but the response made me excited to move on to chapter 2 which I am planning now.

Also working on a children's book, "Smoke Stack Boy". It's a bit dark but I hope it can merit as a children's book. You can see the original sketch for the cover below!

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