Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Ch. 2 of Kyah & Koh is complete!

Last 5 pages of Kyah & Koh Chapter 02 is up!

Page 11

If you haven't read any of Chapter 02 you can start here,

Taking a break from Kyah & Koh for a little whiles since some work is cropping up, but I plan to get back to it hopefully in a month or 2. The final goal is to have all 4 chapters of Kyah & Koh completed by this summer.

I also put together an ad for my friend's computer & website building company (which I also help in with flash web design). Check it out below, i'm especially happy with how my little robot dude came out.

There are three different freelance jobs that I should be starting shortly, they are all very exciting and I cannot wait to get started on them! I'll put more details up as they officially start, don't want to jump the gun on anything yet.

Also, Shelley Low started up this awesome collaboration blog where a bunch of us artist people get together and post art every two weeks on a specific subject which we take turns picking.
Should be fun! Check it out at Tonight, We Draw

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  1. Loved Beardtroduction on Tonight, We Draw - so sweet. Glad to see Brundle in there! Great to see all the work you're doing. And the Robot is sweet.