Sunday, May 23, 2010

Saachi & Saachi

Hi all

I'm working on storyboards for my next film which will be a combination of Live-Action & Traditional Animation. I'll upload some concept art and the some of the boards in the next post.

Also Rusted Heart is currently Ranked 4 on the Saachi & Saachi contest on Aniboom! Please view it and rate it using the link below, thanks!

Also have some sketches I did at Madison Square Park and then at my Girlfriend Amanda's Graduation at Rutgers, I experimented with a Fiber Castell Black Artist Pen. You know its those thin markers with the brush-like tip. I'm liking what its doing for me so far and I think it may be helping me improve, anyway check it out:

Comic strip to be in the next post! Look for it!


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